SLAB is a game development studio based in Bali, Indonesia, focusing on unique, fun gameplay, and technical excellence.

We aim to present deep and diverse subjects in a way that’s captivating, convenient and entertaining for all ages.

Our team is made up of experienced designer, programmer and business executive. We work with state-of-the-art technology, being always up-to-date with innovative and market needs.

We are also able to support the whole process, from the idea to the market launch and promotion.


We develop gaming and gamification solutions for consumers and for the industry.

The main fields of interest are projects in combination with casual, social, eLearning, and serious games for multiple platforms.

We cover the entire value chain of game development – from the embryonic idea to the final product – for all major mobile, web, desktop platforms with a track record of more than 10 years.


We exhibited our games in Game Prime 2017, Game Prime 2019, Soundrenaline 2018, Game Prime 2020, GamesCom 2020, Hai Fest, Playground, Bali Toys Market, Bali Creative Week, Kumpul 90an, Teuku Umar Street Market, Dewi Sri Street Market, Surabaya Sunday Market and many more.


We value partnership and collaboration. We are looking for new business partners in the field of game development. We are also open to new ideas and collaboration with other companies in the game industry. Please kindly send us a message to our email: mail[at]slabgames[dot]com